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What is CapTel?

Ideal for people with hearing loss, the CapTel Captioned Telephone works like any other phone with one important addition: It shows captions of everything the caller says. You can listen to the caller and also read captions of what they say in the CapTel display screen.

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CapTel 840i

Designed for people who are comfortable with a traditional-style telephone, the CapTel 840i features a large easy-to-read display with built-in answering machine.

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CapTel 2400i

For people who prefer touch-screen technology, the CapTel 2400i has a large colorful display, dial-by-picture capability, and a built-in answering machine. Includes Bluetooth® connectivity and speakerphone.

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CapTel 880i

Ideal for people with low vision, who have difficulty viewing standard-sized captions, the CapTel 880i has extra large font sizes & display options for easy reading.

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People are Talking!

“Now I know exactly what the caller says.”

-CapTel user in Georgia

"I can read the captions and I don't have to ask the caller 'What did you say?'"

- CapTel user in Massachusetts

"It is so nice to know what people on the other end say without having to ask them to repeat half of their conversation."

- CapTel user in Florida

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